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The United States consists of 48 contiguous states spanning across the midsection of North America from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coasts. Alaska lies to the northwest and Hawaii is an archipelago of islands in the Pacific Ocean. A traveller would need to visit the following regions, each with its own distinctive character, culture and geography, to claim that he had  seen this enormous country in its entirety:

New England States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Beginning at the northeastern Atlantic, and rich with the history of the first Pilgrim settlers who felt that the sparsely populated, densely forested land of rolling hills, mountains and jagged coastline was virgin territory; this is a place of apple orchards and pumpkins, autumnal hues against timber shingled houses, sand dunes, cliffs and lighthouses.

Statue of Liberty - One of the most famous US landmarks

The Mid-Atlantic States: New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Stretching southwards along the Atlantic seaboard and containing the cities of New York and Washington DC, an incredible concentration of power, culture, wealth and population as well as the opportunity to escape to charming seaside resorts along the Jersey Shore, delight in the seafood on Long Island and tour in the Catskills.

The Southern States: Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Enjoy the famous hospitality in a region where the living is easy, let the Mississippi flow by, get nostalgic for ‘Dixie' and sit down to a great meal of catfish, fried chicken and key lime pie. The temperature heats up to sub-tropical, while the Appalachians provide a cool respite and the cypress swamps the perfect habitat for crocs. The background rhythms are of soul, gospel, country, rhythm and blues, and all that jazz.

Florida:-  From Disney World fantasy to Space Age technology, coral reefs to murky swamps, Florida is a tropical haven to retirees taking warm winter refuge from northern snows, and a spectacular year-round destination for family fun in Miami, Orlando and countless mega-resorts.

Texas:- With rolling tumbleweeds, cacti, scrub brush and hot sandy plains that stretch to a distant horizon, this cattle ranching, oil-rich, cotton-pickin' state beckons nature lovers looking for an epic experience within its wide open space, mountains and wilderness. The unspoilt beauty and warm water of its Gulf Coast makes it a favourite destination for beach lovers.

The Midwest States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. This is America's heartland, including many of the Great Lakes states, and home to traditional values, small towns and agricultural communities as well as the important industrialized cities of Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis. Here the broad horizon of the rolling farmland of the Corn Belt is a rival in scale only to the soaring height of the Chicago city scrapers.

Arrowhead Golf Course, first fairway. Denver, Colorado.
Arrowhead Golf Course
Denver, Colorado

The Great Plains States: Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming, stretching up to the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Here you can Gain a true sense of the awe-inspiring vastness of the big landscapes of America, within regions of some of the only remaining tallgrass prairie remaining in the world. Contemplate the task of the homesteaders in their battle to tame and cultivate these barren lands, and partake in some of the festivities that still celebrate the European roots and traditions of those hardy pioneers.

The Rocky Mountain States: Rocky Mountains Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. The majestic peaks of the Rockies stretch from Canada to New Mexico in America's west, sculpted by glaciers and snowmelt, its rivers and lakes feed the water supply for one-quarter of the US and provide superb outdoor recreational opportunities for any sportsman up for a challenge. In the winter, you will find here some of the greatest snow on Earth.

Welcome to Las Vegas!
Las Vegas

The Southwestern States: The definition of the Southwest almost always includes New Mexico and Arizona, but often takes in western Texas, the southern portions of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, western Oklahoma, and southeastern California. Land of Pueblos, deserts and mountain ranges, featuring incredible geological rock formations of chasms, caverns and craters, the Hispanic influence is highly apparent and daytime temperatures soar while at night the bright lights of LA, Las Vegas, and San Francisco take the chill off the air. This region features Utah as the country's National Park capital.

California:- From the rugged mountains of the Sierra Nevada, to the arid Mojave Desert, and the majestic sequoias of the Bay Area, savour the region's range of landscapes, pose like a filmstar in the cool bars and restuarants of its cosmopolitan cities, be a  beach babe as you strut along the boardwalks and test your palette on the fine flavours of the region's wines. It's the place to be.

The Pacific Northwest States of Oregon and Washington: Outdoor pursuits are followed with passion, as are the rock bands that emerged from the indie and grunge scenes of Seattle. Take a walk on the weird side, and search for the eccentricity that inspired Twin Peaks, Dead Man and the work of Douglas Coupland.

Alaska:- Explore the Alaskan fjords in a kayak, experience the midnight sun of the summer or the winter's northern lights; the wide expanses of tundra are the habitat of the grizzly and caribou and there are some Inupiat Eskimos who still live a subsistence lifestyle in the Far North of the state.

Romantic couple on beach in Hawaii

Hawaii:- Home to the world´s most active volcano and tallest sea mountain, birthplace of surfing and the hula, Hawaii offers stunning Pacific Island scenery, with lush tropical vegetation and famous golden beaches.

Cities: The US has over 10,000 cities, towns and villages. The following list contains nine of the most notable. Other cities can be found in their corresponding regions.

Washington (DC) :- The nation's capital, centre of federal government and various global banking institutions; site of The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, US State Capitol, the White House and more.
Boston:-  A bustling metropolis and one of America's oldest and most historic cities, the capital of Massachusetts is an important university town with some great attractions.
Chicago:- With an impressive skyline of soaring scrapers, lakeside location and a great museum complex, the ‘Windy City' is a hub of cultural sites and superb shopping.
Los Angeles:- Rub shoulders with the stars and the wannabes in the glorious sunshine of California's beaches and boulevards, with an incredible ethnic mix of communities adding to the flavours and colours of  America's second largest city.
Miami:- Famous as the gateway to a large Hispanic community, bounded by two National Parks, and featuring one of the most glamourous beaches in the world, Miami is growing at an incredible rate.
New Orleans:- Great music, historic neighbourhoods, southern charm: the spirit of the Mardi Gras lives on.
New York:- Hip and happening, a melting pot of diverse cultures and intensely urban, the street life is vibrant and the experience is sublime.
San Francisco:- With its spectacular setting and fascinating diversity of neighbourhoods, it is the ideal place to start touring California's beaches, mountains and valleys.
Seattle:- Cool in more ways than one and refreshingly different, the high-tech, coffee-consuming capital of the US steps out of the mainstream and bases its music scene on the more off-beat end of the spectrum.

Baseball - a popular US pastime

These are some of the largest and most famous destinations outside of major cities: The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Death Valley, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Glacier National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, See United States National Parks for a list of all national park areas.

Places to stay when on your Batchelor Party, Batchelorette Night, Golf Break, Wedding Venue, Airport Hotel, Romantic Weekends away in a hotel with Luxury Spa , or stay at an Colonnial Style Lodge , Country Retreat , Resort or Something Unique .

American Football and Baseball fans can look at Accommodation near Stadiums.

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Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
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Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
Wisconsin Wyoming

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Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas
Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah
Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia
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Bellingham Bend Bentonville Big Bear Lake
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Boca Raton Boise Bossier City Boston
Boulder Bowling Green Bozeman Branson
Breckenridge Brownsville Brunswick Calistoga
Cambria Cape Coral Cape May Carlsbad
Cartersville Cary Cedar City Cedar Rapids
Champaign Chandler Charleston Charlotte
Charlottesville Chattanooga Chesapeake Cheyenne
Chicago Cincinnati Clarksville Clearwater
Clermont Cleveland Cocoa Beach Cody
College Park College Station Colorado Springs Columbia
Columbus Corpus Christi Costa Mesa Council Bluffs
Dallas Davenport Dayton Daytona Beach
Denton Denver Des Moines Destin
Detroit Doral Dothan Durango
Eau Claire El Paso Elkhart Elko
Erie Estes Park Eugene Eureka Springs
Evansville Fairbanks Fairfax Fargo
Fayetteville Fernandina Beach Flagstaff Fort Bragg
Fort Collins Fort Lauderdale Fort Myers Fort Myers Beach
Fort Pierce Fort Smith Fort Walton Beach Fort Wayne
Fort Worth Four Corners Fredericksburg Fresno
Gainesville Gallup Galveston Gatlinburg
Gettysburg Glen Allen Glenwood Springs Grand Forks
Grand Junction Grand Rapids Grants Pass Green Bay
Greensboro Greenville Gulf Shores Gulfport
Hagerstown Hampton Harrisburg Harrisonburg
Hattiesburg Henderson Herndon Hilton Head Island
Hollywood Homewood Honolulu Hot Springs
Houston Humble Huntsville Hyannis
Idaho Falls Indianapolis Inglewood Irvine
Irving Jacksonville Jeffersontown Jersey City
Joliet Joplin Kalamazoo Kansas City
Kapaa Kennebunkport Kennesaw Ketchum
Key Largo Key West Keystone Kihei
Killeen Killington Kingman Kingsland
Kissimmee Knoxville Lafayette Laguna Beach
Lahaina Lake Buena Vista Lake Charles Lake City
Lake George Lake Havasu City Lake Placid Lakeland
Laredo Las Cruces Las Vegas Lenox
Lewisville Lexington Lincoln City Linthicum
Little Rock Long Beach Longview Los Angeles
Louisville Lubbock Lynchburg Mackinaw City
Macon Madison Mammoth Lakes Marietta
Maryland Heights Mcallen Medford Memphis
Meridian Mesa Miami Miami Beach
Midland Milwaukee Minneapolis Missoula
Moab Mobile Monterey Montgomery
Morro Bay Mount Laurel Murfreesboro Myrtle Beach
Napa Naperville Nashville Natchez
New Braunfels New Orleans New York Newport
Newport Beach Newport News Norcross Norfolk
Norman North Charleston North Conway North Little Rock
North Myrtle Beach Oakland Ocala Ocean City
Oceanside Ogunquit Oklahoma City Omaha
Ontario Orange Beach Orlando Ormond Beach
Osage Beach Overland Park Pacific Grove Paducah
Palm Desert Palm Springs Palo Alto Panama City Beach
Park City Paso Robles Pensacola Peoria
Petersburg Philadelphia Phoenix Pigeon Forge
Pismo Beach Pittsburgh Plano Pompano Beach
Portland Princeton Princeville Provincetown
Pueblo Raleigh Rancho Cordova Rapid City
Redding Rehoboth Beach Reno Richmond
Roanoke Rockford Romulus Round Rock
Ruidoso Sacramento Saginaw Saint Augustine
Saint George Saint Louis Saint Pete Beach Saint Petersburg
Saint Robert Saint Simons Island Salina Salinas
Salt Lake City San Angelo San Antonio San Bernardino
San Clemente San Diego San Francisco San Luis Obispo
San Marcos Sandusky Sanibel Santa Ana
Santa Barbara Santa Clara Santa Cruz Santa Fe
Santa Monica Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Beach Sarasota
Saratoga Springs Savannah Schaumburg Scottsdale
Seaside Heights Seatac Seattle Sedona
Sevierville Shreveport Siesta Key Sioux Falls
Snowmass Village South Bend South Lake Tahoe South Padre Island
South San Francisco South Yarmouth Southfield Spartanburg
Spokane Springfield State College Statesville
Steamboat Springs Stockton Stowe Sunnyvale
Syracuse Tacoma Tallahassee Tampa
Taos Telluride Tempe Temple
Topeka Traverse City Treasure Island Tucson
Tulsa Tupelo Tuscaloosa Tyler
Vail Valdosta Ventura Vero Beach
Vicksburg Virginia Beach Volcano Waco
Warner Robins West Palm Beach West Yellowstone Whitefish
Wichita Wichita Falls Williams Williamsburg
Wilmington Winston-salem Winter Park Wisconsin Dells
Yakima Yuma

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